Wednesday, September 7, 2011

McDonalds, O'Fallon, IL

Photo Credit: Google Maps Street view

1610 W Hwy 50
O'Fallon IL 62269

Amenities: outdoor playplace, drive thru, free wifi, credit cards


Playground ground cover: poured rubber

This McDonalds has an outdoor playplace. It's rather small, but has one 3 story slide and a very small slide (but my toddler still couldn't play on it as she was too afraid to go into the tubes by herself). The most interesting part of the playground is the signage - which dates back to when I myself was small enough to play on McDonalds playgrounds (the copyright on the signs is 1990). The playground is still in good shape, minus a torn banner. The fenced, outdoor area has ample seating.

On the negative side, we arrived at McDonalds just after sunset, and the lights on the outdoor playground had not been turned on. When I asked at the counter if they could please turn the lights on so my daughter could play, they turned on only 1/3 of the lights.

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  1. The Play Place has been removed from this McDonald's location.