Monday, September 19, 2011

Old Pond School Park, Wildwood

Location: 17123 Manchester Road, Wildwood MO 63040

Amenities: Playground, picnic shelter, restroom, community meeting room


Playground ground cover: wood chips

Old Pond School Park in Wildwood has a school house dating to 1914 on the property. It has been renovated - the building is locked but peeking inside the windows, it look very nice inside. The playground behind the old school building contains new equipment, but in the style of an old fashioned playground. There are 2 sling swings, a free-standing slide, a merry-go-ground and 2 wooden see-saws. The playground has benches alongside HUGE trees. There is also a picnic shelter. Restrooms are port-a-toilets, but that's better than nothing. There is no sign for the park, so you have to look carefully to see the driveway into the parks parking lot.

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