Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tri Township Park, Troy, IL

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Location: 409 Collinsville Rd, Troy, IL 62294

Amenities: 4 playgrounds, skateboard park, walking trails, soccer fields, football fields


Playground ground cover: wood chips

This park has 4 different playgrounds. We only made it to 2 of them, because it started to rain (but the incoming rain made for some interesting pictures of the playgrounds we did play on! In addition to the playgrounds the park has a nice pond to walk around, walking trails, and a petting zoo (see pictures at the end of the post).

This playground has some vintage pieces left in it, with a newer play structure in the middle. The vintage pieces include a monkey bar, 4 seater spring toy and single spring toys. There is also a climbing wall, a swingset with 8 baby swings and another swingset with 4 sling swings.

This playground is across the lake from the one pictured above. Much of this playground is geared toward younger kids, and it has a bug theme which is cute. There's a see-saw bee, climbing bee hive, mushroom picnic table, one baby swing, one sling swing, and a play structure with several slides and a fire truck to play in at the end.

The petting zoo is near the bug playground. During the day you can actually go in and pet the animals, but we were at the park in the evening, but were still able to walk around the outside of the fence and see most of the animals. There are pigs, goats, swans, turkey, emu, chickens and ducks.

Below is a picture of the lake and bridge, and also the neat swings overlooking the lake.

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