Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Watson Trail Park, Sunset Hills

Location: 12450 West Watson Rd, Sunset Hills, MO 63127

Amenities: 2 playgrounds, tennis courts, disc golf, basketball court, sand volleyball, picnic shelter, Swimming Pool, trails

Website: http://www.sunset-hills.com/453/Watson-Trail-Park

Playground ground cover: rubber mats and wood chips

Watson Trail Park has a large playground with 2 play structures, a free-standing slide, 2 baby swings and 2 sling swings. The sand volleyball court is right next to the playground, so of course the kids like to play in the sand too. There are lots of slides, tunnels, climbing ladders and more on the playground.  There are several educational panels, including one with sign language letters and one with states and capitals. The picnic areas had really neat kids seats built onto the tables - I've never seen this anywhere else. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in this park. There's not a lot of shade on the playground, but the picnic areas are shaded.

 They installed an expression swing here! There are not that many in St. Louis. Not sure why the baby swing next to it is missing.

There is a second playground which you reach by taking the trail through the woods, around the lake. This playground was replaced in late 2016, it is shaded and has an incredible zip line you can stand or sit on. Across the trail from the playground is a fire pit and benches arranged around it.

There is a drinking fountain down here but no restrooms. They are up the hill in the pavilion at the main playground. 

 The playground has a natural theme of rocks and logs made into a balance beam and stepping stones. 

 There are several picnic tables and a rope climber

My daughter was obsessed with the zip line! She had a blast for a really long time on it.

 The main play structure has a slide, a pole, a speaker, and a log tunnel. 

 This wood climbing structure is different, I've never seen it before. 

Amazing playground! Def one of the best in St. Louis

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