Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minnie Ha Ha Park, Sunset Hills

Location: 801 Old Gravois Rd, Sunset Hills MO 63127


Amenities: 3 playgrounds, picnic shelters, soccer fields, walking trails, and scenic views of the Meramec River

Playground Ground Cover: Wood chips

These are photos from the first playground you come to upon entering the park, near shelter D. There is a zipline, a climbing structure, slides, 2 baby swings, 2 sling swings, and a digger with scoop in a sandbox for kids to manipulate. All 3 play grounds are shaded and have small pavilions and restrooms nearby.

Playground #2.
This playground is by shelter F. It's more nestled into the woods, and very shaded. It's older but it has some nice features, including a rocking horse, 2 baby swings, 2 sling swings, a teeter totter, and a zipline track.

Playground #3
This is the last playground in the park, and the one nearest to the river.  One cool feature is a lookout with binoculars for the kids to climb up and look out over the river. There is a digger with a scoop in a sandbox to manipulate, a rock wall, monkey bars, a firetruck to sit on and "drive", a balance beam, 2 sling swings, and 2 baby swings.

 You could easily walk the entire park, stop to play at all three playgrounds on the trails that wind their way around, and then spend time down at the beach.

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