Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fillmore Park, Kirkwood

Location: 410 S. Fillmore Ave, Kirkwood MO 63122


Playground Ground Cover: Astroturf

This playground was completely renovated and opened in 2017.  It's a huge improvement.



 It has 2 baby swings and 2 sling swings. There is a pavilion but no tables yet. There is a drinking fountain but no restrooms.

 There is a playstructure for littles and one for bigs. The small one has a cute little table under the slide.

 This activity board has mazes, a telescope, and spinning colored beads. 

 There are some benches but it's in full sun. 

 The larger playstructure has a rock wall, a bridge, 2 slides, and a pole. 

 The entire playground is enclosed with a fence. 

Street parking

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