Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shrewsbury City Center Open Play, Shrewsbury

Location: 5200 Shrewsbury Ave, Shrewsbury, MO 63119


This open gym is ideal for toddlers. My daughter (who is almost 4) really was just about too old for it. I guess it depends on the child though!

It only costs $2 and you get 2 hours of indoor play. There is a play room off the gymnasium. In the play room there is a small trampoline, balance beam, train table, blocks, kitchen, reading nook with lots of books, and a few other toys.

The gym is huge and there are 5 "go carts" the kids can ride. This was by far my daughter's favorite thing. She was speeding all around and had a blast! There is a basketball hoop, hula hoops, balls, and the kind of larger ball with a handle that you can bounce on.

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