Friday, June 10, 2016

South County Center Indoor Playground, Mehlville

Location: 18 South County Center Way, Mehlville, MO 63129


South County mall had an indoor playground upstairs but they built this new one recently in the food court and said they took the other one out. I'm glad because this one is way cooler, and it's a better location. I suggest parking near Qdoba because it's right inside that entrance.  This playground is different than the other mall playgrounds, as it's all Fisher Price toys you can climb on. My kids have always loved trains and Thomas so they really enjoyed it. If you have a train lover check these other activities out as well.

There is plenty of seating and the bathrooms and drinking fountains are right there as well.

 They have 4 coin operated vehicles close to the playground also.

 Inside the barn

The food court is circled in red, and if you park by Qdoba you'll come in the mall where the arrow is. It's the closest entrance or you could go through JC Penny.

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