Friday, July 15, 2016

McDonald Park, St. Louis City

Location: Bounded by Bent Ave, Utah St, and McDonald Ave, St. Louis, MO 63116


Playground Ground Cover: Poured Rubber

In addition to the playground this park has a soccer field and a ball field. This playground is in bad condition which is a shame because it's located in Tower Grove South which is a very populated neighborhood. One thing it has going for it is that it's completely fenced in. If they could make some repairs then this could be a great playground again. It appears they are aware of the issues because if you google this park there was a neighborhood association meeting in March to discuss improvements to the park. If you need a park in the meantime Tower Grove is just a few blocks north.

There are 2 sling swings and 2 baby swings in a pea gravel area when you first enter. There is plenty of street parking and also a parking lot adjacent to a warehouse. The warehouse was a bit creepy though because the doors were open and some young men were in there just staring at us.

The restrooms are horrible. The drinking fountain didn't work and the pavilion tables are gone.

Photos are from a bid to make repairs to the restroom building 

 This slide is broken and closed off. 

 I assume there used to be swings here. 

There is one playstructure but it is a very large one with lots of things on it. There are several slides, a bridge, stepping stones, a chain bridge, and lots of different poles and bars.

There are holes in all the slides with sharp edges. I wouldn't want my kids going down them and getting cut up.

I hope they can make this park great again!

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