Friday, August 19, 2016

Once Upon A Bash, Maplewood

Location: 2732 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood MO 63143


From the website, "St. Louis's Once Upon A Bash provides all-inclusive birthday parties, à la carte party entertainment, and custom event coordination services for St. Louis families and businesses. Parties and events can be hosted either at your own home or party venue, or a Once Upon A Bash event space (located in Maplewood, and soon, Wildwood, MO). Our famous all-inclusive party bashes include custom, handcrafted invitations and thank you notes mailed on your behalf, real linens and dinnerware, custom crafted party decorations, high quality costumes and dress up, designer cupcakes, and deluxe birthday party favors-including custom t-shirts with your guests’ names!"

The reason we went was a Kid's Night Out event called "Snow Cones with Olaf". The cost was $10 per child and they got 2 hours of fun. They served pizza for dinner and she made snow cones, popcorn, and lemonade. They put Zootopia on and you could watch it or run around and play. They have a stage in one corner and my daughter had a blast putting on shows for me. There were also some crafts ad crayons out on the table. I dropped the kids off at 6 and picked them up at 8. She even texted me a photo of the kids and told me everyone was doing great, which really impressed me.  I went next door to Maya Cafe and had a drink, it was glorious!  She said they do these once a month, so definitely check them out and get on their mailing list for the next one!

Here's a clip of them featured on Show Me St. Louis

The kids having snow cones and watching Zootopia

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