Friday, November 4, 2016

Snapology, Glendale- CLOSED as of 2018

Location: 10028 Manchester Rd, Glendale, MO 63122    314-717-1794


Snapology discovery center opened at the end of October 2016. They are a chain and this is their first franchise in the St. Louis area. They started in 2012 and have 20 locations around the county. They can best be described as a place that inspires and educates kids by introducing S.T.E.M. concepts in a fun environment for kids aged 2 to 14. They offer robotics, animation, Legos, and a variety of other building toys.

I saw on their website that they were offering a free toddler class for ages 2 to 4 so I signed us up!

 We were in a closed room and given duplos. There was a coordinator who guided the play and gave the kids activities to do. They worked on the letter A and colored an A, picked out things that started with A and were asked to see if they could build an A out of the duplos.

This sheet shows kind of what they were teaching. They incorporated colors, shapes, letters, and numbers into the lesson and the kids loved it.

My daughter got tired of the letter A and said the wanted to build something that started with T. A tower. The leader was impressed and told her to go right ahead. I think she was the oldest in the class and was a little bored and wanted to go play with all the toys outside the room!

 After the class the kids could go out and free play with whatever they wanted. 

 The car carpet and hot wheels track was a big hit

 This connect 4 game was another huge hit. 

This toy was incredible. It's called the Code-a-pillar. You can program him to go what ever direction you want. You can take the pieces apart and make him to go around obstacles or down ramps. It was way cool and she couldn't get enough!

The big K'Nex toys were mezmerizing to her. They had a 6 ft Ferris wheel and a factory type one where the ball went through different paths and made things happen along the way.

 Adults can sit here and have water or coffee while the kids play. There is a gate you can close to keep them contained and if they're over 5 you can leave them!

 They had different things for sale on this wall

This is around the corner and for the younger kids. There are magformers, duplos, a train table, and the Skye zoomer.

 Minecraft game

 The owner said he just ordered a 5 ft doll house and an interactive floor projection system as well.

So in addition to free play they will offer structured classes, camps, activities, and enrichment classes, field trips, workshops, parent night out, birthday parties, and more. Check their website for dates and times! I'm very glad to see this new addition in the area!

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