Sunday, April 2, 2017

St. Ferdinand Park, Florissant

Location: 25 St. Ferdinand Park Dr, Florissant, MO 63031


Playground Ground Cover: Wood Chips

St. Ferdinand Park is a 64 acre park located at 25 St. Ferdinand Drive at the intersection of North Lindbergh and St. Ferdinand Drive.  This park has 5 picnic pavilions each having a BBQ pit of which 3 pavilions have electric.  There are 6 lighted ball fields along with 3 unlit fields.  There are four playground areas in the park, 2 restrooms, 3 sand volleyball courts, 1 soccer field and 2 tennis courts and a lake which can be used for fishing.  The park is home to the summer concert series "Music Under the Stars"  held adjacent to the lake during July and August.

The 4 playgrounds are circled in red. The first one we encountered was the most southern one.

They had 2 sling swings (2 were missing), and 2 baby swings.

 The pavilion and bathroom were close by, as well as the tennis courts. 

 They had several interesting climbers

 My daughter liked the balance beam


 The play structure was large with several different slides, and tons of different bars and poles.

They had a xylophone as well.  The playground is not shaded and can get hot but overall it had a nice variety of things to do from ages 2 to 12. 

If you drive north around the park you will come to the other playgrounds. Here's the next one:

 looking towards the lake to the north

This is one play structure with several different slides, a cool tunnel, a steering wheel, speakers, a maze board, musical board, climbing wall, and ladder.

Here's the smallest one in the park, it's basically just a slide. It's next to the sand volleyball court.

The only playground left is the largest and busiest. It's next to the lake and it's awesome! The equipment is designed to look like pirate ships and it's so fun!

 There are 2 "ships", one for littles and one for bigs. In addition there is a third structure that has a balance beam with moving sections.

The smaller play structure has some slides, bars and poles, pretend window, and steering wheel.

 Bouncing bench to stand on

 teeter totter

 The larger play structure has tic tac toe boards, bubble windows, pretend cannons, slides, bar and poles, and maze boards.

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