Friday, August 11, 2017

Tower Tee Mini Golf, Affton CLOSED AS OF JULY 2018

Location: 6727 Heege Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123    


Amenities: Par 3 golf course, batting cages, driving range, and mini golf course.

Tower Tee has been a tradition in St. Louis golf for 50 years, and boasts the oldest and busiest golf range in the area. Roy Lotz, former head carpenter at Forest Park Hylands Amusement Park, built the range and miniature golf buildings in 1963 on a site that once functioned as a brick yard. The Tee has stayed in the family since then, with Roy’s son Dick taking over and finally Steve Lotz taking over in 2002.

Mini golf costs $5 per person. The course at Tower Tee provides a fun experience for all age groups. The miniature golf course features original designs celebrating the history of St Louis. The first hole is Route 66 — St. Louis was the third major city on the historic route. Additional holes replicate Lindberg’s flight from St. Louis to Paris, Union Station, Phil the Gorilla, and Ted Drewes. If you hit the bulls eye on the 18th hole and win a coupon for a free round on our miniature golf course, a pizza at Happy Joe's or a free concrete at Ted Drewes. But beware, it's harder than it looks!

Map of the complex

This was a fun 18 hole course. The place is well kept and busy.  We didn't win at the last hole but we were craving Ted Drewes and had to make a stop on the way home!

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