Sunday, September 24, 2017

Chesterfield Valley Pumpkin Patch, Chesterfield- NOT OPENING AGAIN

Location: 18575 Olive Rd, Chesterfield MO 63005      636-717-6500


This is a brand new pumpkin patch that just opened yesterday.  They are down the street from the old Rombach's pumpkin patch near the St. Louis Premium Outlet Mall. They will be open daily from 9am to 6pm but activities will be on weekends only until October 31st.

There is some drama surrounding this pumpkin patch. It seems the people who opened it used to work for Rombach's for about 20 years. I think there is some bad blood there because they've been slandering each other on Facebook which is pretty unprofessional. The way I see it if Rombach's closed and someone has knowledge of the business and the money to open a new one next door then more power to you. I don't know the whole story so I'm not judging. I just wanted fall fun for my kiddos and we got plenty of it here!

They had an impressive amount of activities. Their website says you can buy them a la carte or pay $18 for a wrist band that gets you unlimited everything all day long- HOWEVER someone said online that they weren't allowed to buy a la carte yesterday and were very upset because their kid only wanted to do the bounce houses. I'm not sure if this was because it was their grand opening or keep that in mind.  The only 2 activities that weren't included and cost extra were the bungee trampoline and the zipline ($7 each). Honestly $18 is rather steep esp if your kid isn't into all the stuff they have or if you have lots of kids. The activities they offered yesterday were:

- pony rides
- sand art (you got to choose a star, dolphin, or heart and fill it with different colored sand to make layers and wear it on a string around your neck. The girls working it were very nice and were letting kids make as many as they wanted.
- hay rides
- petting zoo (this is usually free at all the other pumpkin patches)
- pumpkin painting (you get a free pie pumpkin with your wrist band, you have to go get it and bring it to the tent and then paint it. I have a new car and didn't want that mess in my car so we didn't paint)
- face painting (they also claim they have temp tattoos but I didn't see any unless I missed them)
- playground (2 big rainbow play structures)
-inflatables (they had about 10 inflatables of all diff kinds)
-120 ft haunted tunnel (this was about 3 empty trailers with Halloween decorations, not dark or scary at all)
-huge sand box filled with sand toys
-rock wall
-Beer and wine garden (additional cost)
- Donut food truck (additional cost)
-Corn pool

Their website claims they have a train ride which I never saw.  It's entirely possible they will get it soon I'm just stating I never saw it yesterday and I tried to make sure I saw everything.

They had nice pumpkin/gourd displays sprinkled around and a huge tent where people could sit down and eat and drink. They had free peanuts on the tables and pumpkin checkers too.  I got a pulled pork sandwich from Kendrick's and it was amazing. The food prices are a bit high but it was yummy!

On to the photos!

Food tent with entertainment

Bounce houses and bungee trampoline

 Rock wall

My kids LOVED this shark inflatable slide!

Pumpkin table games -I've never seen that at the other patches

Free peanuts- I've never seen this at other patches either


Tractors to play on

Petting zoo

The face painting was done by kids, so don't expect a really amazing job but my girl still loves getting it done no matter what it looks like

The sand art was a really fun project that I've never seen offered anywhere else. They had little funnels and spoons and you could do it or they would do it for you, whatever you preferred.

 120 ft haunted tunnel. Fun and different. 


Pony ride

 Huge sandbox filled with sand toys, scoops, and buckets.

Corn pool photo credit to Laura O'Dell

I want to say that this "patch" is pretty urban and not very farmy. You'll likely have street lights and the mall in your photos so just keep that in mind.

Every year people ask me what the best pumpkin patch is. Honestly, that's all subjective. It depends on what you and your kids value the most. I suggest just checking them all out and seeing what you and your family like the best. Here is my complete list, go see them and form your own opinions, but most of all have fun with your kids! That's what it's all about!

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