Saturday, February 3, 2018

Urban Fort Play Cafe, St. Louis City

Location: 1854 Russell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63104      314-376-4235


Urban Fort opened in January 2018.  The preferred ages are 0-7 years. They are open everyday except Tuesday (yay for being open on Monday!) from 7am to 4 pm during the week, Saturday 8am to 4pm, and Sunday 8am to 2 pm.

From their website, "We provide a space that encourages our community to play, learn, and gather. Our amazing tree fort, slides, climbing walls, train tables, and playhouses allow your kiddos, aged 0-7, the freedom to create, discover, run, jump, and socialize while you enjoy a comfortable chair and a cup of coffee."

To go play, it's $8 for the first child and $6.50 for additional children. Kids under 1 are free and adults are free. They also offer memberships and frequent visitor cards.

In addition to open play, they offer kid and adult classes, workshops, events, and parties. What a great addition to St. Louis!

(Photo from their website)

Big train table

They please ask everyone to wear socks or shoes, but no bare feet.

Thanks Erin for the photos!

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