Friday, June 23, 2017

Home Heights Park, St. John

Location: 2950 McKibbon, St. Louis, MO 63114


Playground Ground Cover: Poured Rubber

This playground is long and skinny. It's up the hill from the street with plenty of street parking. There is a playstructure with 2 slides and some bars and poles. 

There are 2 baby swings and 2 sling swings on one end, and another identical swing set at the other end. 

There is a smaller playstructure with 2 slides and a climbing thing.

There are a couple covered pavilions but I didn't see any restrooms. 

St. John Park, St. John

Location: 3515 Brown Rd, St. John, MO 63114


Playground Ground Cover: Poured Rubber

This is a great park! It's partly shaded, it's in a nice quiet neighborhood, there's a fitness course, a pavilion, and a cute little playground.

There are 2 playstructures, one for big kids and one for littles. The smaller one has 2 slides and some bars.

The larger one has 2 slides, and some bars and poles. There are also 2 baby swings and 2 sling swings.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

City Hall Park, Dardenne Prairie


Location: 2032 Hanley Road, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368


Playground ground cover:  poured rubber

Amenities:  Two playgrounds, one for kids ages 2-5 and one for 6-12 year olds, a spray ground playground with motion activated water jets, an amphitheater with hillside seating, a bandstand gazebo with a wrap around fountain, a family picnic pavilion, an outdoor seating area with a shaded pergola, and concession stand selling alcoholic beverages too!



The playground area for 6-12 year olds has 4 slides, two of which are very tall.  The playground is also surrounded by several climbing structures and a saucer swing.  Kids of all ages enjoyed swinging on it! 






The two playground area are separated by a short landscaping wall.  Here is the playground designed for 2-5 year olds.  It has three small slides and several areas to climb.  It has a bridge that has holes in it where little feet/legs get stuck.    




Here are the restrooms/concession stand.  In front of the seating area is where the sprays/splash area is located. 



Thanks to Erin for the updated photos!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flying Spider, Ballwin

Location: 14820 Manchester Rd, Ballwin MO 63011  636-591-1850


Hours:  9-9 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
             3:30 to 9 Thursday
             9-midnight Friday and Saturday
             11-7 Sunday

This place is way cool! They have different packages, but a standard 60 minute open flight is $11 for kids under 6, and $15 per person for everyone over 6. In addition you have to buy their grip socks which are $3 each. Just like Sky Zone or any other trampoline/bounce place you have to fill out a waiver before they can do anything. They have some kiosks set up and then you take the receipt and pay. Then you can store your shoes and get to bouncing.

Sign in computers

Cubbies for belongings

Tons of seating in the lobby area

Climbing wall

Ninja Obstacle Course

 Parkour Course

Aerial Silks

Party Room

They have a ton of activities here, including a trapeze, a zipline, dodgeball, basketball, foam pits, launching decks, and more. I have been asked if this place is suitable for a toddler or preschooler and I would say it depends on the child. My son is 7 but has a lot of fear and is not very adventurous. He loves the foam pit and regular bouncing but wouldn't try the swing or trapeze or zipline. Since they charge more than Sky Zone or Monkey Joes and little guys aren't big enough to do most of the things here I don't think you would get the most out of your money at this place. My 5 year old is very adventurous and tried everything they had to offer and loved every minute of it!

They offer kid jump every morning except Sunday and Thursday for the little guys under 6. That's what we attended and it was great. They had loud Disney songs playing and plenty of comfy seating with free wifi. They also have family night, theme nights, club nights, and fitness events. They have something for everyone, go check them out!