Saturday, January 9, 2021

White Birch Park, Hazelwood

Location: 1186 Teson Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042

Amenities: 3 playgrounds, horseshoes, multi-use court, picnic pavilion, outdoor swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, mile walking/jogging path, Disc Golf and Skate Park


Playground ground cover: wood chips

White Birch Park has 3 separate playgrounds. The first one is next to the lower level of the Hazelwood civic center. It is a toddler playground with 3 small slides, a tic tac toe board, and a small bridge. There is a map of the United States painted next to the playground but it's seen better days. 

The second playground is located next to the pool. This playground is mainly for older kids and has several slides that are high off the ground and a glider handle. It has a rock wall, zipline, bouncing step, maze board, tunnel, bench, and lots of bars and poles. 

The third playground is located next to the pedestrian entrance to the park (from the adjoining neighborhood).  You can also reach it from a path leading away from the pool toward the neighborhood. It is an older play structure and good for toddlers, preschool and school-aged kids. It's not as tall as the previously discussed playground. It has some slides, a teeter totter, a pretend window, a steering wheel, 2 speakers, and lots of bars and poles. 

View of the previous playground in the background.

The skate park is near the entrance to the park across from the pool complex. There is no attendant on duty. Users are encouraged to wear helmets. Helmets may be rented from the Community Center for $1.00.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Fogerty Park, University City

Location: 1552 82nd Blvd, University City, MO 63130


Playground Ground Cover:  Poured rubber

The park features a playground, tennis courts, splash pad, 1/2 mile trail and football/soccer/baseball fields.

Parking can be found at the north end by the shelter and on street parking is available.

This playground was renovated in 2017 and it's really cool. There is a play structure for bigger kids and one for the littles.

Walking trail

 New pavilion

 expression swing!

New restrooms

Awesome spinner

Another cool spinner

This is the smaller play structure. There is a log you can climb through, a spinning disk, a slide, stepping stones, a bridge, and interesting things to climb on.

Nice shaded picnic table


 There is a baby swing, an adaptive swing, and 2 sling swings

The large play structure has a slide, floating steps, a hammock, and interesting things to climb on.

In 2020 a splash pad with a river bed was installed. 

Step on this to make the water sprayers come on.

The creek has a little dam you can lift to let the water go out.