Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Urban Air, Cottleville

Location: 5993 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., Cottleville, MO 63304    (636) 733-6744


This place is amazing. It's an indoor adventure park with so many things to do. Here are all the attractions with descriptions from their website:

1.)Sky Rider- This is essentially an indoor coaster. They hook you up to a harness and you fly down a track. Watch the video to see it in action. There's nothing else like this in St. Louis.

2.)Ropes Course- Get some extra hang time with our 10 gravity-defying obstacles on the Urban Air ropes course. Learning the ropes has never been more exciting; with another up-n-the-air adventure that tests your balance and agility. The stakes are high as you and your friends learn confidence, however safety is assured since you are securely harnessed as you make your way through the course.

3.)Climbing Walls- Dreaming of free climbing? Maybe start in the harnessed safety of our climbing walls. Build muscles and hone your skills as you defy gravity and master your ascent while enjoying some cliff side fun.

4.)Tubes Indoor Playground- Playground or obstacle course? You decide. Race a friend or beat you own personal best time. Climb, crawl, and slide your way through to victory. Exclusively for racers 9 and under who want to take on the challenge. You can make it a competition by racing with a friend, or just let your little one explore while their imaginations run wild as they develop their fine motor skills.

5.)Warrior Course- You’ve watched those warrior ninjas from your living room, now try it for yourself. Perhaps one of the most exhilarating team building events, Warrior Obstacle Course lets you face off against your friends while you test your balance and strength. Give it your best as you battle to be the last Warrior standing.

6.)Spin Zone Bumper Cars- Hit and run has never been so fun. Trade paint with your friends as your whirl around in our battle of the bumpers. Perfect for the kids who love cars but aren’t quite old enough to drive. Or for grown up drivers who dream of taking out their rush hour frustrations on other drivers. It’s a smashing good time for everyone.

7.)Prozone Performance Trampolines-
Take a leap of faith, then bounce right back up. The ProZone Performance Trampolines attraction is the local landing spot for all the best acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils. Show off your skills by dropping into the trampoline from an elevated platform to see how high you can make it back up the wall. The best part of this attraction is the moment of weightlessness you experience when you gently kick off the wall at the apex of your jump. For a moment, you’re suspended in the air, defying gravity.

8.)Battle Beam- Think balance beam plus sword fighting. Only the swords are foamy. And the pit below is lined with cushy blocks. Sort of a foamy battle to the death. But instead of perishing, you’ll probably just giggle. Is it all in good fun? Or is there really no better feeling than defeating your friends on the Battle Beam. Decide for yourself.

9.)Slam Dunk Zone- Get your inner Jordan on and show off your favorite dunk moves. Even if you’re not a seven footer, you can still sail above the rim while testing out your famous back flip, behind the head, windmill, double clutch slamma jamma.

10.) Drop Zone- Drop on in for a little fun, while practicing your flips, spins or other amazing acrobatics, all with the confidence that you’ll land safely on a giant, inflatable airbag. The perfect testing grounds to perfect that new trick. This attraction is safe, fun and available to all ages.

11.)Dodgeball- The funnest sport in PE plus trampolines? Yes, please. All ages are welcome and everyone loves the experience. Only downside is that once you’ve experienced Ultimate Dodgeball, you’ll never want to play normal dodgeball again. Bring a birthday party or friends from work. Or jump in on pickup games that are held daily. So hop on in and let ‘em fly.

12.)Runway Tumbletrack- It’s tumble time! Flip, twist, and back handspring your way down The Runway! Great for the gymnast, cheerleader, or aspiring ninja who wants to put in a little extra practice before their next competition. This attraction lets you test your limits in a safe environment before you try the real deal on a tumbling mat. You can practice new moves and help your body learn the motions with a safe landing, so when you finally do go for the gold, you’ll look like a pro. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.

13.)APEX Trampolines- We’ve got trampolines on the floor, trampolines on the walls. The only place we don’t have trampolines is on the ceiling. Wait, should we put trampolines on the ceiling?? Great for the gymnast or cheerleader who wants to put in a little extra practice before their next competition.

14.)Kid's Area 7 and Under- Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. Meet The Bowl, the younger sibling of our Apex trampolines. Wall to wall trampolines without all the big kids in the way, and a comfortable place for the parents to watch.

Party rooms everywhere. I bet they do so many birthday parties.

Large clean restrooms

The cafe menu

There are options here as far as pricing goes. You can do the Ultimate Attractions package for $24.99 per person which includes everything for 2.5 hours. Or you could do the Deluxe Attractions package for $18.99 and get the Warrior Course, Battle Beam, Tubes Playground, and Basic Trampolines. You could also pay $12.99 for the basic and get all the basic trampolines. Kids 5 and under only pay $8.99 and everyone must buy their socks ($2.50).  They also have a Tot Time called Jumperoo every Friday from 10-12pm.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Playtime Party Center, Wentzville

Location: 105 State Hwy A, Wentzville, MO  63385       Phone:  636-887-4244


Playground ground cover: rubber mat/carpet

Playtime Party Center is a family owned entertainment center fun for all ages.  They moved to their new location in late 2018. They offer a large indoor party center, laser tag, arcade games, playground/inflatable arena, mini bowling, virtual rock wall, and a full kitchen and bar. They don't allow any outside food or drinks to be brought in. Kids must also wear socks. If you forget they do have them for sale for $1.25 a pair.


Virtual rock wall