Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Purina Farms, Gray Summit

Location: 200 Checkerboard Dr, Gray Summit, MO 63039

Website: http://www.purinafarms.com/

This is a great place to bring the kids. There's lots to see and do and best of all- it's free. When you first enter this building above (the visitor center),  you'll see the information center which is helpful if you have any questions. There are also restrooms, a small snack area, gift shop, and an area they just renovated with some interactive exhibits. As you walk along you'll come to the movie theater area where you can watch a short movie about pets and rescue animals. Then as you exit the double doors you walk across the bridge to the "Hayloft" where there are ropes to swing on, corn tables with toy tractors, and tunnels. The tunnels are a bit nerve wracking because the kids can go in one and you don't know where they will come out because there about 5 different entrances into it. During Halloween this is transformed into the Haunted Hayloft area and in the spring it's Springtime Village. During the summer they have pedal tractors the kids can ride but they have to be under 42 inches. My son was hysterical today because he was too tall to ride but my daughter was able to do it. Anyway, go downstairs and you'll see the cow milking area, and lots of animals. There is a small petting area and usually there are pigs, chickens, and bunnies to pet. There are also horses, cows, sheep, goats, and donkeys in their stables.

You have to see the dog show while you're here. It's not long, about 15 minutes, and the dogs are amazing. They're all rescue pets and they do great tricks and agility stunts. They do play loud music though, which my son didn't like when he was younger (he has sensory issues).

Overall it's a wonderful place to learn about animals and spend a few hours!

 Rope swings and corn tables in the barn

There is another building over by the dog show area and it houses some dogs and cats. Sometimes they let them out so kids can pet them and sometimes they stay in the cages. My son had fun throwing the toy to the dog repeatedly.

 The pig has a funny role in the dog show

 Dog Show Arena

 Tractor ride is a must! 

 milking a cow