Monday, September 20, 2021

The Best Playgrounds in St. Louis

When people ask me what my favorite playgrounds are and I always draw a blank. I finally decided to make a post on this subject, and make a list that I think people will enjoy. After all, this blog is a labor of love for me, and the only profit I get out of it is making people happy by finding a great place to play with their kids.

The following are destination playgrounds- so playgrounds will not be included if they don't have the basics like a bathroom or decent parking. Not that those playgrounds can't be fun, but I'm only listing the best of the best and the coolest playgrounds here with things that make them special.

I have 675 blog posts here and most of them are playgrounds. The overall majority is just your average playgrounds and not anything amazing. This list will help you find the cream of the crop of what our area has to offer.

1.)Queeny Park in Ballwin- This is the most unique playground in St. Louis. It's certainly not new, and it is full of pea gravel which is the devil, but the tunnels and 'mines' make it worth it.

2.)Wildwood Community Park in Wildwood- Amazing playground, gorgeous pavilion, and easy access to a creek make this the perfect place to play.

3.)Turtle Park in Dogtown- Climbing on concrete turtles is always fun. I hesitated to add this because there are no restrooms, but it's such a unique and special park that I had to.

4.)Longview Park in Town & Country- This is a great playground for toddlers. Plus it has horses, shaded trails, and a creek.

5.)Deer Creek (Rocket Park) in Maplewood- Everyone loves rockets and this playground has it all, including a concession stand and space-themed equipment.

6.)Edmundson Park in Edmundson- This park is quiet with tons of equipment that is perfect for toddlers. Plus it has one of the best splash pads around.

7.)Jake's Field of Dreams in Wentzville (Or any Unlimited Play Playground)- This is all sports themed and has as ton of unique things to play on. It's perfect for kids of all abilities.

8.)The Heights Playground in Richmond Heights- The playground itself is awesome, and the outdoor classroom is top-notch as well.

9.)Watson Trail Park in South County- Their lower playground is kind of like a hidden gem. It has different equipment than any other park I've seen, with a lake and a really cool zip line. It's also partly shaded.

10.)Veteran's Memorial Park in Union- They have 3 huge playgrounds with cool equipment (zipline) and THE coolest splash pad around.

11.)Faust Park in Chesterfield- Everyone knows about Faust, and with good reason. This park has a huge playground, the Butterfly House, the Carousel, and a historic village. They host tons of events throughout the year including the Olden Days of Summer, fall hayrides, movies in the park, and other various festivals.

12.)Twin Oaks Park in Twin Oaks- This park is always called a "hidden gem". It's a great playground surrounded by gorgeous gardens and lush plantings.

13.)Suson Park in South County- This playground is great, and right up the hill is a cute farm with lots of animals.

14.)Kade's Playground in Herculaneum- This is an Unlimited Play Playground plus it has a volcano slide complete with lava flow and a pirate-themed splash pad. 

15.)Discovery Playground in Jaycee Park in St. Charles- This playground is huge and has everything, including a great splash pad with a waterfall.

16.)Howdershell Park in Hazelwood- This playground is cool and all, but the real draw here is the ninja course. No other park in town has one of these!

17.)Towne Park in Foristell- This park's nature classroom is the best and coolest in the area. It's a must-visit for every kid!

18.)Margaret Stoecker in Manchester- This park is secluded and almost completely shaded in the woods. It has great equipment and is never busy.

19.)Vago Park in Maryland Heights- This playground has not 1 or 2 but 3 amazing playgrounds plus a great splash pad and a hella cool outdoor fitness area.

20.)Schranz Memorial Park in Swansea IL- If your kids like castles, this is the playground for them.

21.)Veterans Tribute Park in Weldon Spring- So many cool and unique amenities including a hill to roll down make this a true destination playground.

22.)O'Day Park in O'Fallon- This newer playground is the best. From the double swing to the unique 2 story climbing net to the very unique water feature, this playground is easily one of the coolest in the St. Louis area. Be warned that it's best suited for older kids.

23.)Nature Playscape in Forest Park- What an amazing natural play space. This playground has it all including 9 areas to explore including water, boulders, sand, wood, trees, and more. 

I encourage everyone to get out there and check out some new playgrounds! There are SO many great ones in the metro area, we are so fortunate to have so many free and inexpensive kid venues here.

If you like lists, you might enjoy the following: fenced-in playgrounds, playgrounds with creeks, playgrounds with splash pads, and all the things there are to do in St. Louis. I hope you enjoy playing with your kids, they grow up so fast!


  1. Hi, I just want to let you know I'm your biggest fan--your blog is the best comprehensive site for all family-friendly places to go in St. Louis. I just wanted to let you know that I use your site all the time and I've referred friends here as well to check out places with all of the help of your thorough details and photos. We've been to most of the places on this list and just went to the Field of Dreams playground on Labor Day after I'd bookmarked your post about it. This week we're going to have to check out Towne Park in Foristell--somehow I missed your post about that one, but it looks fantastic. I live in the Metro-East but I'll happily drive an hour or so for a good unique park. :) (By the way, Willoughby Farm and the new Edwardsville playground/splashpad make our top 10--the splashpad is the best we've been to. Also, Beirne park in Creve Couer is one of our favorites--so much shade!--and great play equipment.) Anyway, I don't usually comment but we've found so many great places to play thanks to Play St. Louis, so a big thank you to you!

    1. Aw thank you SO much! I really appreciate you taking the time to drop a positive note. I am so happy you have found my site helpful! Enjoy your time with your babies!


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