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The map below displays a marker for each park and play area that have been reviewed by Play St. Louis. Click on the map and drag to move around the area. Use the plus and minus signs on the upper left of the map to zoom in and out. Click on a colored icon to view the park/play area name and link to the review on this blog.

Green Markers = Outdoor Parks and Play Areas
Yellow Markers = Indoor Play Areas
Red = Restaurants with Play Areas
Blue = Swimming Pools

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  1. One of my family's favorite pastimes is to visit new local parks. We're based out of St Charles county, but we're starting to branch out into St Louis county and city. We make short movies about our visits, too, which is fun. Anyway, our main navigational tools are a street map guide and this website. Play STL is an invaluable resource for us in deciding which parks are worth a visit. Thank you ladies for all the work you've put into it. This site is a labor of love, and it shows.


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