Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC)

Location: 13161 Taussig Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044

Amenities: 2 playgrounds, baseball/softball fields, trail, soccer field, tennis courts, racquetball/handball courts, picnic shelters


Playground ground cover: Wood Chips

It appears that the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC) is a nice facility for sporting events, but unfortunately the playground is lacking. The playground located near the tennis courts, is in dire need of more wood chips - at least 6-12 inches of them over the entire playground. Some of the slides have a 2-3 foot drop from the end of the slide to the ground, making the playground unsafe for toddlers, and I hesitate to even recommend it for preschool children. There is also a lot of trash around the playground area, and a broken spot on one of the spring bridges on the play structure. There are a lot of slides and climbing structures on this playground that are sure to keep school-aged children entertained.

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  1. You also need to make sure you have someone that can sit next to your car all day. Our car was one of 6 that were locked & broke into in broad daylight at this crowded complex during a large baseball tournament. In an area like this, and as nice as this place is, you think they would be smart enough & have enough money to install security cameras. We will NEVER be back!