Monday, June 13, 2011

Ohlendorf West, Valley Park

1150 Hanna Road 63021

Amenities: playground, basketball court


Playground ground cover: poured rubber

12/3/13: A brand new playground was installed at Ohlendorf West Park in the Fall of 2013. There's a swingset with 2 sling swings, a baby swing and an adaptive swing, plus a saucer swing on a separate swing frame. There's a climbing rope wall and rock to climb in the center. Lastly there's a couple of spinner seats.


  1. This park is being bulldozed so an E911 call center can be built. There is currently a mobile street sign at park entrance (still a park?) stating "open house" May 15th 6pm at Hanna Woods. I personally wonder why it conflicts with the regularly scheduled Tuesday St. Louis County council meeting. I found out some info from here So sad, the wildlife is seeking new refuge.

    1. I drove thru the park a couple weeks ago and the playground was still there, the 911 call center was being built on the other side of the parking lot from the playground. Bummer though that they tore up all the trees and parkland to build it though.

  2. Update, dont know if date changed or I misread, but it says May 16 on Southbound sign. Makes more sense.

  3. Pretty fun park. It's a nice park to go to for a quick trip. The kids loved the saucer/boat swing. It was weird how the 3 spinners almost seem to keep spinning like magic (according to the kids). "How is it going by itself?"