Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twin Oaks Park, Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks Ct, Twin Oaks MO 63021

Amenities: Playground, picnic shelters (2), restroom, trail around lake, basketball court, tennis courts,


Playground ground cover: poured rubber

Twin Oaks Park is a hidden gem. So hidden in fact that it's a pedestrian park with no parking lot. You can park on the street outside the park (Twin Oaks Ct), only handicapped parking is allowed inside the park boundaries (marked with signs).  From the street there is a paved, fairly level walkway to the playground and lake.

The playground was renovated in the summer of 2011. It has separate toddler and school-aged playgrounds, with slides and lots of unique features - rope climbers, a zip line, roller slide, spring toys, rocks and xylophones (which have the notes for a song above them - however the song has notes in it that are not on the xylophone). There are 2 sling swings, an adaptive swing and a baby swing. There are shade structures over the playground equipment that do help shade somewhat.

The park also has a large lake with a path around it, bridges, water falls, and bright orange koi fish in the lake. There is a sand volleyball court next to the playground and the kids love playing in the sand.

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