Monday, November 14, 2011

McDonnell Park, St. Ann

Location: 2961 Adie Road, Saint Louis, MO 63074

Amenities: 2 playgrounds, 2 picnic shelters, picnic sites, restrooms, fitness trail


Playground ground cover: rubber mat, pea gravel under the swings

McDonnell is a nice open park with a 1.33 mile fitness trail, 2 playgrounds and numerous spots to picnic. Restrooms were closed for the season (November when we visited). The first playground is in the first circle drive right inside the park. It has 3 large slides, and a climbing wall. There's a small toddler section with a tunnel and a climbing slide (a slide with climbing molded climbing hand holds on it - it confused my toddler who kept trying to go down it).

The second playground is toward the back of the park. The play structure is more for older kids, and has only 1 slide but lots of ladders and stuff to climb on. There are swings near by with 4 sling swings and 2 baby swings. There's also a sand volleyball court in this area of the park.

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  1. Love the fitness trail here! Has some hills and fitness equipment along the way.