Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ballwin Pointe Indoor Pool, Ballwin

Location: #1 Ballwin Commons Circle, Ballwin, MO 63021


  • two-story waterslide
  • lazy river (for walking, not floating)
  • vortex
  • children’s play area
  • 3 lap lanes
  • Hot tub


The Ballwin Pointe Indoor Pool slide is fast and smooth, for a nice ride. The children's area is a good size with a slide, tunnel and sprays. The locker rooms are large and open with lockers (bring your own lock), showers, and a changing table. Open swim time varies so check the current calendar on their website.

While the Ballwin Pointe is a nice facility, there isn't a lot to do outside the slide and children's area during open swim. You cannot have your children jump off the side into the pool for example. Also, the lifeguards at the Pointe are young and have a hard time enforcing the rules on their friends when they visit the pool.

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  1. I bring my grandkids, ages 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 yrs, to the indoor Pointe pool every weekend. There is lots to do! Not only is there the indoor water park feature, there is a vortex, and a lazy river, which both kids like to swim/float with their jackets on or with their kick boards. There are underwater benches around some of the pool perimeter from which children can stand and jump into the center of the pool. Lots of fun area for retrieving rings, noodles, kick boards and practicing using goggles. There is a waterfall they like to swim around and through, and a bubble couch they get a kick out of, and from which they can jump into the pool. Diving head first is not allowed. Children under 8 yrs. must have an adult in the water with them. The guards are upper high school and college aged, and management is present, and adult. No water squirters allowed. You can bring other small soft plastic water toys, such as for infants and toddlers, for the water park area. No children allowed in the Jacuzzi. Children in the waterpark area cannot wear swim jackets on the slide. For the big water slide, you have to be four feet tall or over, and around six or seven years old. There is a snack bar and tables with chairs just off pool side. We love it.