Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Howdershell Park, Hazelwood

Location: 6810 Howdershell Rd, Hazelwood, MO 63042

Amenities: 2 playgrounds, horseshoes, picnic shelter, restroom, walking/jogging path (with fitness stations), tennis courts, racquetball/handball courts, softball fields, soccer fields

Website: http://www.hazelwoodmo.org/index.php/services/36.html

Playground ground cover: wood chips

If you park in the Howdershell Park parking lot next to the fire station, you'll have to walk to the back of the park along the level trail. It's not a bad walk but if you have little ones you'll want to use your stroller. There is also an entrance to the park from Village Square Drive, in the subdivision behind the park.

The playground for school-aged children is pretty new. It has lots of places to climb and several slides, including one that is quite steep (especially if you go down it while holding a toddler!).

Between the older and younger playgrounds are swings and a "metal man with plow." Which is a neat throwback to what you used to see at parks a couple decades ago (and maybe that old?). There is also a swing set with 4 sling swings and 4 baby swings between the two playgrounds.

The playground for younger children has a couple slides and an activity wall with a doorway and general store counter. The bouncy alligator is adjacent to the play structure, but unfortunately there was some rather graphic graffiti on it. I am just glad that my toddler didn't ask what it was while she was pointing out the eyes and nose of the alligator!

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