Monday, March 12, 2012

Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, Chesterfield

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Location: 17925 North Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005

19 baseball/softball fields, 9 baseball practice fields, 9 soccer fields, 5 football practice fields, 2 football game fields, 2 multi purpose fields, 3 concession buildings, 2 playgrounds, restrooms and 3 parking lots


Playground Ground Cover:
Wood Chips

There is a large playground located right next to the main parking lot. It doesn't have any swings but there are several slides - all different sizes, and jungle gym climbing area. The playground was clean and in good condition. Near the playground though was a large puddle of standing water that my toddler ran over to play in before I could stop her! It had rained recently so I don't know how long the water would be standing here before draining. During the day the playground is pretty empty - there was only 1 other family playing while we were there around noon on a Monday. I would avoid the area when a sporting event is going on though.

There is a second playground on the property a bit to the West of this first one.

The second playground is definitely not as cool as the first one. It's just one playstructure and it's smaller. It's over by the soccer fields.

It has some slides, a small tunnel, and bars and poles.

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