Friday, October 26, 2012

Myseum, Town and Country

283 Lamp and Lantern Village
Town and Country, MO 63017


At the end of September 2012, St. Louis' newest children's museum opened in west county. Katie H. tells us about it.

Myseum is a fun place to take your children of all ages for a fun day out. By all ages I mean if your child is able to walk, then there are things for them to do. Myseum is filled with a large bounce house, a blown up maze, a slide that will tell your child how fast they went, lots of science experiments and much more.

They have a room full of different stuffed animals with veterinary equipment so children can take care of them as well as a music room with instruments made out of everyday objects.

They have a separate toddler area for when they are really busy which is filled with a bounce house, chalk, building set, and more. This is sectioned off so bigger kids are not allowed in.

One of our favorite exhibits is the swamp room where they have pool noodles hung and you can run through them.

What is really nice about Myseum is when you pay you can stay all day. This includes being able to leave for lunch and come back in. A downfall to Myseum is you are not allowed to bring food in and it can be a little expensive to get in. For children 2 and older, it is $10.95 and for an adult it is $5.95 (as of Fall 2012). Children one year and under are free.

If you are taking more than one child and need a stroller there is a lot of open space to maneuver around. Remember to have socks for your children because there are no shoes allowed in some exhibits.

Overall I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun place to let your children burn off some energy.

Thank you Katie H for this review!

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