Friday, March 15, 2013

Spanish Village Park, Bridgeton

The main sign was missing when we visited

12827 Spanish Village Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044

Amenities: playground, tennis court, picnic shelter, basketball court, ball field


Playground ground cover: wood chips

There are 2 playground structures at Spanish Village Park, however both need significant ground cover before they can be considered safe for children of any age. You'll see from the picture below, the preschool slide has approximately a 25 inch drop-off at the bottom of it. I noticed this right away when we walked up to the playground, but before I could stop my daughter, she ran up and went down the little slide, flew off the end, landed on her face in the dirt and bit her lip. She's 36" tall, so you can see what a drop off this slide has. You can also see that there are virtually no wood chips left.

Here is what the Bridgeton Parks & Rec had to say about the safety issues at this my opinion, the surface has been neglected for many years, as I don't think there is any way that 20" of wood chips washed away since last year. Hopefully they'll add more wood chips this spring.

Thank you for your concern with the playground surface at Spanish Village Park. We are aware of the problem and have already set up for a delivery of more wood chips in mid-April working with Pattonville High School for a community service project. As you can imagine winter can be very hard on that type of surface and soft ground conditions means that we have to wait until we can get equipment in there or we will do more damage to the park. We are also concerned with the spring rains causing the new wood chips to be washed away so we have to be careful when we put them down. That is not ordinary mulch but special for playground use and the cost for that truck load is $1500. I do not want to put it down to early and lose it to the spring rains. My best suggestion would be to use our McKelvey Park this time of year as it has a rubberized surface and I think your daughter may enjoy that playground more.

Walt Siemsglusz
Director of Parks and Recreation

The entire structure is too high above the ground, notice the huge step to climb up the stairs onto the equipment in this next picture.

The back side of the structure has bouncy spring toys, and the cement bases holding them into the ground are exposed.

She had fun on the bouncy horse after I turned the plastic hand guards around to empty water from them - might be a better solution to drill holes in the backside of them to drain water - if it rains during warm weather these are sure to breed mosquitos!

The second playground structure is designed for school-aged children but it too needs more ground cover. Below the hand-over-hand bars, the cement bases are so exposed that they are sticking up several inches out of the ground. If a child were to fall on these large cement chunks it could cause significant injury.

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