Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Louis Science Center

5050 Oakland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Amenities: hands-on science themed exhibits for children, cafe*, planetarium*, OMNIMAX theater*, gift shop, private room for nursing mothers, ATM, lockers*

*additional fee


I visited the St. Louis Science Center for the first time with my daughter, who recently turned three. She was a little young for about half the exhibits, but we still had a fun time together.

We purchased tickets to the Discovery Room first thing, and had about an hour and a half until our scheduled time. We headed downstairs to see the animatronic dinosaurs, which my daughter LOVED. She stopped on the stairs several times to watch them. We also dug for fossils in the dinosaur area. Back up the stairs, we visited the Life Science Lab next. Children have to be 5 or older to participate in the science experiments, but they do have a lab classroom for all ages. Students from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy were there doing experiments with the younger kids. My daughter got to dress up in a lab coat and safety goggles and make "slime" from corn starch and colored water.

You only get 45 minutes in the Discovery Room (geared toward ages 3-7), which wasn't near enough time for my daughter to explore all there is to play with in there. Just to name a few things, there's a table to set up your own zoo of plastic animals, rocket ship with slide, musical instruments, fish tank, and a water table.

After the Discovery Room we headed to the Structures exhibit which is on the walkway over hwy 40, built an arch of foam blocks, and watched the cars driving beneath the highway thru windows in the floor. Older kids seem to find using the radar guns to see how fast the highway traffic is going very interesting. I thought the time-lapse video of the highway 40 reconstruction was pretty neat.

Next time we visit I want to check out the planetarium. We didn't go this visit because the only early childhood planetarium show was at the same time as our Discovery Room time.

The SLSC is free to enter, but parking is an additional fee (or you can park on the planetarium side for free).

Don't forget the huge dinos outside! If you're walking in to the planetarium it's to the left of the entrance down the hill.

They have a t rex and a triceratops!

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  1. Just so you know, there is free parking at the planetarium side in a huge lot. We always park there and walk through the planetarium area ant then across the bridge over 40. It's not a bad walk at all with things to see and do along the way!