Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Manchester Aquatic Center, Manchester

Location: Schroeder Park, 359 Old Meramec Station Road, Manchester, MO 63021

  • Lap pool with drop slide and diving boards 
  • Leisure Pool with 2 large slides, 2 medium slides, water channel, vortex 
  • Tot Pool with 2 small slides, bouncy frogs and bouncy seats for babies 
  • Lockers ($0.25 each)
  • Concession Stand
Satellite View of the facility from Google Maps

Website: http://www.manchestermo.gov/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={DE4F7E2D-9202-4686-8FAE-A5F9C2E00317}

The Manchester Aquatic Center is a huge facility, with 3 separate pools. The pool is open to Manchester residents and non-residents, but non-residents pay a higher admission fee. They offer rain checks if the pool has to be closed due to inclement weather. The changing rooms are kind of small, with 6 or so showers and toilets and 2 changing rooms. There is a family changing room down around the corner of the building from the mens/womens changing rooms (you don't even know it's there until you walk around the corner of the building).

The Tot Pool is zero entry to 1 foot deep. There is a splash pad as well adjacent to this pool. There are baby bounce swings which are like bowls with leg holes and are on springs. This area is 6 inches deep. There are two rocking frog seats in 1 foot of water and an orange slide (with 2 chutes) that ends in 1 foot of water. These slides are for kids under 48" and under 100 lbs. There's a rainbow water tunnel and two tall poles that spray water out over the pool. They let the kids bring small water toys and small inflatables into this pool. The Tot Pool is open some mornings during the week for tot time (see the website for specific details).

The Leisure Pool ranges from zero entry to 3 feet. In the shallow water there are two squirt gun stations that kids can maneuver to squirt people around them, and a water bucket contraption that dumps water on the heads of those below it when the buckets fill up. The yellow slide has 3 channels and is similar in style to the orange tot slides but are taller. There are 2 large water slides, one is enclosed. There's a water channel and vortex in the Leisure Pool as well. Small inflatable floaties are allowed in this pool, but they are not allowed in the water channel or vortex.

The Lap Pool goes from 4 feet to 12 feet. It has one lap lane, a diving board, and a drop slide. As with the other pools, small inflatables are allowed in this pool (we brought my 3 year olds tiny inner tube).

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