Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swansea Kingdom at Schranz Memorial Park, Swansea, IL

Location:  377 Honeysuckle Lane, Swansea, IL 62226

Amenities: playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, sprayground, trails


Playground ground cover: wood chips, pea gravel, sand

This is a great park with a castle theme. The equipment is all fairly new and in good shape. The main playground has lots of secret passages/places for hiding, climbing features, a rock wall, climbing boulder, a three person slide as well as two other slides, monkey bars, rings, five regular swings, a tire swing, and an adaptive swing. There's also a music area (a xylophone), a tic-tac-toe board, and a boat and stagecoach to play in. A ramp connects the regular playground to the tot lot, which is fenced in except for the one entrance point. The tot lot has three baby swings, as well as another adaptive swing, and a toddler/preschool-sized slide, monkey bars, an adorable ice cream truck to play in, and a small sand play area. One drawback in the tot lot is that the ground cover has become a mixture of wood chips, sand, and pea gravel, so you never know what you're stepping on. There's a fenced-in sprayground (which has had some functional problems in the past, but is working so far this summer), on the other other side of the parking lot as well, (I would consider the location to be a bit of a drawback, because children are often running back and forth across the parking lot between the two). It has two child-operated spray guns, as well as fountains of various types and heights. There's also one large picnic shelter, and several smaller ones, and a walking trail that winds around.

The sprayground is very popular, and is often crowded for its size. The playground and picnic areas are often very crowded over lunch, as you might expect. It also appears to be a popular afternoon destination for daycamps, so there are often large groups using the facilities.

Thanks Amanda for this review and pictures!


  1. Very accurate review! We live close to this playground and frequent it often.

  2. WOW beautiful park. We just might have to travel to this one!!!!

  3. There are some loose bricks on a path in the playground that look dangerous.

  4. Had a fantastic time there today. Pleasant experience! What a great park for the community!