Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Sports Park, O'Fallon, IL

Location:  301 Obernuefemann Road, O'Fallon, IL 62269

Amenities: 4 picnic pavilions, 2 playgrounds, walking trails, concession stands, 8 baseball and softball fields, sprayground, 2 lighted soccer fields (one being artificial turf)


Playground ground cover: wood chips and astroturf

This park has our favorite sprayground in the area! There are lots of different water features, including arches, buckets, a "spider web," fountains, a mushroom/umbrella, and a creek. The water pools about two inches after the fountains have been running, so there is truly water to splash in as well.

Adjacent to the sprayground are two jungle gyms, one for toddlers, and one for older children. The groundcover for these is astroturf, which heats up quickly, so make sure to put shoes back on before playing! The sprayground is very popular, and parking can be a challenge, especially on weekends when sports teams are playing on the many fields at the park.

There is also a full-sized playground (with wood chips for groundcover), within walking distance of the sprayground. A walk over there to play is a good way to dry off! It has two sling swings, two baby swings, and an adaptive swing. There are several slides (including a racing slide), a rock-climbing wall, and some music play. There are two structures on this playground, with one being suitable for preschoolers, but still too big to be used by toddlers, and the other for older children.

The whole park grounds is very extensive and well-cared for. There are many pavilions, as well as baseball/softball and soccer fields, and a walking trail. As I mentioned before, when there are games in play, it's very crowded, and you sometimes have to park quite a distance from the sprayground or the playground, but during the week, you can usually park quite close to either.

Thank you Amanda for this review and the photos!

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