Friday, July 12, 2013

Powder Valley Nature Center, Kirkwood

Location: 11715 Cragwold Rd. Kirkwood, MO 63122

Amenities: indoor nature center, outdoor trails


Powder Valley Nature Center is a hidden away nature oasis, tucked right near the intersection of Hwy 270 and hwy 44. It's run by the Missouri Department of Conservation and free to visit.

Inside the nature center you'll find a hands-on children's room with a puppet area and leaf rubbing art table. There are several live animals on display throughout the center and a large window to bird watch from (check out binoculars from the info desk). Downstairs there are numerous nature interpretative displays, and a large aquarium and bee hive. My 3 year old was afraid of the large fake butterfly and worm display. The treehouse display has a fake snake inside a window in the floor of it. When you step into the treehouse a light goes on in the snake window - this freaked out my daughter and she remembered it and a few weeks later when we went to the Children's Garden at the Botanical Gardens she asked before stepping into the treehouse there if there was going to be a snake in the floor.

Frog sculpture outside the nature center

Nature Center from the outside

aquatic turtle in aquarium

This is Peanut the turtle. When he was young a plastic 6 pack got stuck on his shell and his shell grew around it.  Poor guy has a deformed shell because of litter!

Puppet Show Wall

Puppet Area

Puppet Area

Leaf Rubbing Art Table

View from bird watching window

Educational Displays

Treehouse (with the fake snake in the floor)


Educational Displays


Educational Display

Trailhead bridge

Trail bridge over the entry road
Powder Valley has 3 trails of varying difficulty. It is a wonderful place to observe nature and stroll with the kids. They also do a ton of free classes. One time we attended one about deer. We met in a little room in the woods and they talked about how deer lift up their tails when they are scared. They read a story about deer and then they made deer tails and antler headbands. Then we went on a nature walk. It was amazing and my daughter still talks about it. I love that this place is free and so educational!

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