Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Splash City, Collinsville, IL

Location: 10 Gateway Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234

  • Lap pool: 3ft 6in to deep water, with Aquaclimb wall
  • Activity pool: zero to 3 feet deep, 2 slides, lily pad walk, children's water playground
  • Lazy River: 3 feet deep, single and double tubes
  • Flow Rider: Surfing simulator
  • Monsoon Mountain: Interactive water playground with 5 slides of various sizes
  • Wading Pool: zero to 1 foot deep
  • Sand Area
  • Concessions
  • Lockers
Overhead satellite view of the park from google maps

Website: http://www.splashcity.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SplashCityFamilyWaterpark

Splash City is a large, outdoor, water park with something for all ages. When you enter the facility the first pool you see is the activity pool. This pool starts at zero entry and goes to 3 feet deep at the lily pad walk and the slides. The children's water playground has sprays and a slide. Adjacent to this pool is the sand area (shower off the sand before entering the pool - the shower is right at the entrance to the sand area), and there is a wading pool for the littlest swimmers (or sunbathing mothers as evident in my photos below!) There is a sign stating you can only be in the wading pool if you have a child with you but obviously that is not always enforced.

Children's Water Playground

Lily Pad Walk and Water Slides

Wading Pool

Sand Area
The lazy river is a figure 8, which does not work well for being lazy as you have to work at getting from one circle to the other! This is especially difficult when you have young children floating in the tubes and you need to try to get them out of the pool!

Lazy River
The small lap pool is 3 feet 6 inches to a deeper depth (maybe 8 or 9 feet). There are steps into the pool and a rope designating the drop off to the deeper section. Just this year an Aquaclimb wall was added. You climb the wall then fall back down into the water.

Aquaclimb Wall - photo credit Splash City
I didn't get a chance to try the Flow Rider surfing simulator but it really looks fun. There was a line to use it all afternoon.

Flow Rider
The Monsoon Mountain interactive water playground has 5 slides, from a small one for little kids (however I don't recommend sending your 3 year olds down it, it isn't a true water slide, but is simply slippery from wet bottoms going down it. The bottom of it has a pad but my sweetie flew down the slide and landed flat on her back and wouldn't go near the Monsoon Mountain for the rest of the day). The 4 other slides are true water slides. Three are enclosed slides and the fourth is an open slide.

Monsoon Mountain Interactive Water Playground
Final notes: you are not allowed to bring in any inflatables (but they do allow life jackets and have a rack full of life jackets to borrow while at the pool). You also cannot bring in any outside food OR drink (including water, unless it is in a factory sealed clear bottle). You can bring in an empty water bottle and fill it from their water fountains inside the facility though. Slip on your flip flops/sandals before heading into the concession store - there's a sign on the door stating you should wear footwear in the building but I wasn't about to go back across the pool deck to put my shoes on while I had hungry 3 and 6 year old kids with me!

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