Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aquaport, Maryland Heights

Location:  2344 McKelvey Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

  • Family Fun Pool: zero-entry to 3 feet deep, small section that is 4 feet deep. Includes bubblers, sprays, and the double racer slide
  • Double Racer Slide: Must be at least 42" to ride, go alone or race a friend
  • Lazy River: Single or Double Tubes
  • Extreme Bowl Slide: Must be at least 48" to ride. Enclosed tube slide that spins riders in a bowl at the end before dropping them into a pool.
  • Rapid Slide: You ride in a tube down this slide! Exits into pool adjacent to the lazy river. Single riders only, must be at least 48" to ride.
  • Slides: one is a tube slide, the other is open, must be at least 48" to ride both
  • Kiddie Pool: zero entry to 1 foot deep. Slide is for riders under 42" tall.
  • Concessions
  • Changing Rooms/Lockers: Mens/Womens and Family Changing Rooms, lockers require you to bring your own lock or rent one from the front desk
Satellite view of the park from Google Maps


Aquaport is a unique outdoor waterpark built into a hillside. The first pool you see is the kiddie pool, which goes from zero entry to 1 foot deep. This pool has a small water slide with a curve in it. Riders must be under 42" tall but to a little kid, this is a BIG slide. My 3 year old daughter is 37" tall and wanted to try the slide, but got scared at the top. I made her try it and she ended up going under water at the bottom (the kids seem to lose their balance sitting up and fall back on the curve in the slide and then if they don't get back to a sitting position at the bottom they go under. The lifeguard was used to this happening and grabbed my daughter and helped her up immediately. Of course she didn't want to try the slide again. There was a line of little kids though, so once they master this slide it gives them a good challenge. The kiddie pool also has some water sprayers and plenty of room for little swimmers and their parents just getting used to the water.

There are 3 slides built into the hillside, all require riders to be at least 48" tall. The open slide (green) is a fun ride, with a gradual slope, and two "dips." I didn't ride the blue one, it's a tube slide and plunges the rider into darkness until the end of the slide.

The pink slide is a rapid slide that you ride down in an innertube. Be sure to grab one of the tubes from the lazy river area before heading up to the top of this slide. You can only use single innertubes on this slide. This was a fun slide but I was a little nervous toward the end when I was going down backward in the tube - but it turned around before I got to the end. The slide dumps you out adjacent to the lazy river so you can either get out of the pool there or stay in your tube and ride around the lazy river.

The Lazy river is a long, leisurely ride around the park. You can choose from a single or double tube, and can hold children on your lap. Tubes are picked up by the exit, then you must carry them over the bridge to the entrance of the lazy river. When the park is crowded you have to wait for a tube.

The family pool features 2 racer slides that requires riders to be at least 42" tall. This pool has two zero entry points and it's only 3 feet deep in the middle, with a small section at 4 feet deep at the far side of the pool. There are also sprays and bubblers in the shallow water of this pool.

The extreme bowl slide is only for those who really want an extreme water slide. Riders must be at least 48" tall, and slide thru an enclosed tube slide and finish by spinning around the bowl before being dropped into a pool below the bowl.

Overall, Aquaport is a fun water park if you like slides. If you're looking for more pool time, deep water, or lap lanes, this isn't the park for it.

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