Monday, September 23, 2013

Mastodon State Historic Site, Imperial

Location: 1050 Charles J. Becker Drive, Imperial, MO 63052

Amenities: playground, hiking trails, picnic areas, museum


Playground ground cover: wood chips

We headed to Mastodon State Historic Site because my daughter is currently obsessed with the Ice Age movies. Those movies feature mammoths, and this park has mastodon bones, but pretty similar to a 3.5 year old. As luck would have it though, she fell asleep as we were pulling off the highway, about 2 minutes from the park entrance. When she woke up she wanted nothing to do with the museum, so it was a quick visit for us. The museum costs $4 for adults, and it's pretty small. They do offer a 30 minute video which describes the historic site which we did not get to watch because she wouldn't stop crying. The park rangers even tried to console her by bringing out puppets of the various animals from Ice Age. I wouldn't really recommend the museum for children younger than elementary school aged, there just isn't enough to keep their attention.

Around the corner from the museum is the picnic area, trail heads and playground. The playground doesn't have any equipment for toddlers, but they do have a climbing structure with several slides, tunnels, and ladders. There are also 2 sling swings in the playground area. There are a couple of benches beside the playground but it was busy the afternoon we visited and they could use a few more areas for the parents and caregivers to sit!

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