Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wehner Park, Shrewsbury


Location: 7600 Hazel Ave, St Louis, MO 63119

Amenities: Wehner Park is Shrewsbury’s largest park consisting of 31.8 acres. This park contains three ball fields, one soccer field, two pavilions, 2 playgrounds, and two tennis courts.


Playground ground cover: Poured Rubber and Wood Chips

Wehner just redid the main playground in November of 2017. In fact they still have to add benches and landscaping but the structures are installed and they are wonderful.  They have a structure for the littles and one for the bigs.

They have one adaptive swing, one baby swing, and 2 sling swings

The structure for toddlers has a slide, a tic tac toe board, a speaker phone, steering wheel, and various bars and poles.

They have a metal slide built into the hill.

There is a netting climber attached to a netting tunnel leading from the bigger play structure.

The bathroom building is right there 

The bigger play structure has it all...bridges, tunnels, pretend windows, climbing wall, slides, and poles,

The second playground is to the east of the main playground. You could walk to it from the main playground but it's a hike.

I LOVE this second playground because it's almost all completely shaded! That is so hard to find! It is a very pretty park, with a lovely creek bed and trees everywhere. The playground was pretty large and had 2 different play structures. The bigger structure has 2 slides, a rock wall, and a bridge, and the smaller one has 2 slides and a tunnel. There are 2 different swings, one contains an adaptive swing and 2 sling swings, and the other one has 4 baby swings and 2 sling swings. There are also 2 ride on toys, a bee and a horse. Right in the middle there is a covered pavilion with lots of picnic tables and a grill. They also have a chess table in the woods. Parking is nearby just follow the path. Only negative would be that there is not a real bathroom or changing station, just a port-a-potty.

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