Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thies Farm (Pumpkinland), Maryland Heights

Location: 14101 Creve Coeur Airport Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63146

Amenities: pumpkinland play area, pumpkins, pony rides, face painting, farm animals 

We've visited Pumpkinland at Thies Farm every year since my daughter was born (so this was our 4th visit). The Pumpkinland play area is $7 for children 2-14 and $4.75 for age 15+ (2017 season pricing). It is open throughout the week and contains slides, hay bail mazes, tire merry-go-rounds, swings, a zipline, a tractor hayride, small corn maze, pirate ship playhouse and more. Depending on how active your kids are, you could spend a couple hours here in Pumpkinland.

A couple gripes though, first, a man was smoking behind the pirate ship while we were there, and it was quite bothersome while on the pirate ship attraction (which happened to be my daughters favorite part of Pumpkinland). I would have complained, but an employee who was working on the pirate ship was already talking to him, and from what I overheard, told him it was not "really" allowed but she wasn't going to ask him to stop smoking because it had rained the night before and so the straw was wet and not a fire hazard. When I posted on the Thies Farm facebook page about the smoking policy, they replied, "We do not allow it, but sometimes people sneak it in." In this case, it was not someone "sneaking" in smoking, an employee acknowledged that he was smoking and did not ask him to stop. Secondly, I didn't go into the corn maze this year, but another member of our group did, and said it was very muddy inside the maze - no straw on the ground like the rest of the Pumpkinland area is covered in, and her daughter slipped in the mud and hurt her elbow.

On weekends, Thies Farm also offers pony rides ($5/ride) and face painting ($5/child), and there are farm animals that you can see for free - sheep, a pig, a cow and a llama. They also have pumpkins that kids can decorate for $5 each.

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  1. Thank you soo much for your insight!
    My wife and I are taking our daughter to her first pumpkin patch tomorow. My parents took me to pumkin land when I was young (before it was pumpkin land I think) and I've been wanting to go there, but all our friends talk about the big one in chesterfield. So thanks to your opinions and great pics we get to go to pumpkin land now!!