Sunday, May 6, 2018

DuSable Park, St. Charles

Location: 2006 N. Main St, St. Charles, MO 63301

Amenities: Playgrounds, Boat Ramp Launch Area, Basketball Court, Picnic Shelters, Baseball/softball diamonds, paved hiking/biking trail, rock/gravel biking/hiking trail, sand trail, dog park


Playground ground cover: Wood chips

There are 2 different playgrounds in this park and they were both redone in 2018. The first one is in the French Regot area.

The playstructure has slides, a rock wall, and various slides and poles

Restrooms and pavilion area

They have a sling swing, a baby swing, an adaptive swing, and a modified expression swing

 There is a modified merry go round and a ball that spins

Basketball court

The second section of the park is in the Ed Bales area. It's just a short drive down Main St. from the first area. 

They have a playstructure for littles and one for kids over 5. The smaller one includes 3 different slides, a small bridge, and some climbable half circles.

 The big playstructure has a huge 3 story slide so it's def not toddler friendly. There are wire climbers, several slides, a rock wall, a bridge, and various bars and poles.


 Spinning climber

They have 3 sling swings, a modified expression swing, a baby swing, and an adaptive swing.

Both of these playgrounds are huge improvements over the old ones. Check them out soon!

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