Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Buder Park, Valley Park

Location: 215 Valley Park Rd, Valley Park MO 63026

Amenities: picnic shelter, restroom, playground, tennis court, archery range, remote control air field

Website: http://www.stlouisco.com/ParksandRecreation/ParkPages/Buder

Playground ground cover: Poured rubber

Buder Park is divided into 2 parts, half is north of hwy 44, and half is south of 44 (apparently before the highway was built it was one big park). The playground is on the portion of the park which is south of hwy 44. The air field for remote controlled airplanes is on the other side, and that is really fun for kids to watch as well.

The playground has a large play structure for both toddlers and school-aged children. There are multiple slides, rock walls, a spider web climber, a seat that spins, and 2 things you stand on that bounce you up and down. There are 2 sling swings, 1 baby swing, and 1 adaptive swing.

The playground was rebuilt in 2014, and it's a good thing because the old playground was awful. Too bad they didn't renovate the bathrooms as well!

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