Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Patches

St. Louis has some great Pumpkin Patches! Here are full reviews on each one:

1.) Herman's Farm

2.)Stuckmeyer's Farm Market

3.)Rombach's Farm

4.)Daniel's Farm and Greenhouse

5.)Eckert's Country Store and Farm

6.)Brookdale Farms

7.)Thies Farm and Greenhouses

8.)Braeutigam Orchards

9.)Pumpkins Galore

10.)Centennial Farms 

11.)Aholt Farms

So to sum up, the free patches are Rombachs, Stuckmeyer's, Herman's, Pumpkin's Galore, Centennial and Braeutigam. The ones with admission fees are Daniel's, Eckert's, Thies, Aholt, and Brookdale farms. If you have a large family I think the ones with admission fees come out cheaper than having to pay for each thing for each child. They all are unique in their own way and offer lots of fall family fun.

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