Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wildwood Community Park, Wildwood

Location: 2153 Highway 109, Wildwood, MO 63038

Directions: Westbound State Route 100, west of State Route 109, first driveway on the right after 109, before Pond.

Website:  http://cityofwildwood.com/Facilities/Facility/Details/Community-Park-23

Playground ground cover: poured rubber and wood chips

The long anticipated Wildwood Community Park is now open! The unique playground is situated among the trees at the edge of a wooded area. It was designed to fit in with the surrounding nature.

There's so much for the kids to do - and much of it is accessible for children of all abilities - including the tall slide tower. There's a rope spider web, roller slide, playhouse, musical instruments, a baby swing and adaptive swing, a saucer swing, a rope merry-go-round, a spinning ball, and a tree themed obstacle course area.

Just beyond the playground is a creek. There is a gravel path that goes right down to it so there's no jumping or climbing necessary.

The entrance is easy to miss, they have completed phase 1 of the project and I believe a large permanent park sign is coming in phase 2.  Until then they have a temporary construction sign and a small metal sign. Also coming in phase 2 is an entrance off Hwy 109, as of right now you can only get in from westbound 100.

Bathrooms are now open to the public!


View of the creek (it's very low right now)

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