Monday, November 9, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese's, Ellisville

Location: 15913 Manchester Rd, Ellisville MO 63011 (There is also one in St. Charles and one in South County)


I'll be honest, I've been dreading coming here. My kids are 5 and 3 and I've successfully avoided it until now.  But every time the commercials come on they beg to go and haven't let up about it. This past Sunday we made a family day of it and it actually wasn't that bad. One great thing about this place is that they serve alcohol! My hubs got an Octoberfest beer and I got a cider. There's just about every arcade game under the sun, and the prizes you get for your tickets are just cheap. But my kids LOVED every minute of it, even their crappy prizes.

We ordered a large pizza and it was actually not bad. I didn't want to brave the salad bar though.

 I bet they do a ton of business in birthday parties.


  1. This place was very comfortable. Restrooms were decent. Coming here with my friends was an amazing experience. This is one of my favorite Los Angeles venues now, because of its excellent food, perfect lighting, vibrant atmosphere and great ventilation.

  2. As a longtime employee I can confirm a couple things,
    1. The Salad bar isn't that bad, we try to keep it as fresh as possible, however on a busy day such as a sunday I'd probably avoid it as sometimes time constraints restrict us from keeping it fresh
    2. The bumper cars were removed by corporate in august, seeing that apparently we're "too small of a store to need them". All the games and positions of everything has been revised since
    3. Our primary income is indeed birthday parties. On a given saturday we can have 8+ birthday parties, all bringing in a sizable income. Without birthday parties, we'd cease to exist.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your experience, you should stop by again sometime, It's not all that bad.