Friday, November 13, 2015

Edward Park, Eureka

Location: Bounded by Meramec Blvd, Sierra Village Dr, and Shaw Dr, Eureka, MO 63025

Website: None

Playground Ground Cover: Pea gravel

This is not an official Eureka Park, so there's no real info online, but it's a nice park nonetheless. It is comprised of a decent sized playground right off of Meramec, and down the hill is a beautiful lake and another older playground. The play structure has several slides, monkey bars, poles, and a rock wall. Please note there are no bathrooms here.

There is a picnic table and a small BBQ pit here as well.

 To get to the older playground just walk down the hill towards the lake. 

Hard to see but this is a horseshoe pit

One of the horses is awol! 

Little creek bed under the bridge

This playground is obviously older but has some unique things. A log cabin, a wagon to climb on, 3 rocking horses, some kind of rocket like climbing structure, a slide, and 3 more rocking animals. It's a beautiful setting with the lake and small creek and we saw a blue heron and lots of ducks on the lake.

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