Thursday, November 5, 2015

History Museum Clubhouse, St. Louis City

Location: 5700 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis MO 63112


I have always loved the History Museum, as I am a history fanatic. My kids love it here too, and now with the addition of this clubhouse there is even more to do! The clubhouse is like a huge discovery room, and it's FREE. They're open daily from 10-4.

 It can get pretty crowded so they have started a new timed entry system. From the website:  "When you arrive at the Museum, please pick up History Clubhouse tickets from the Information Desk. All visitors must get FREE tickets for a one-hour session in the History Clubhouse. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis beginning at 10am each day. On days when volume is low, we will allow guests to stay as long as they desire. This timed-entry system has been implemented due to the popularity of this exhibition and helps us ensure that everyone has a quality experience.
Created with input from regional families, the History Clubhouse is a space for families to foster a love of history, learning, and museums. Families can step back in time, explore, discover, and play in some favorite St. Louis places in a welcoming environment where nothing is hands-off. Walk among the buildings of Downtown St. Louis, steer a steamboat on the Mississippi River, prepare food in the ancient city of Cahokia, sell ice cream at the 1904 World’s Fair, and learn history along the way!"

Looking through telescopes in the steam boat area.

Puppet area

They have lots of dress up clothes. In the background you can see the trolley

 Inside a replica Native American hut

They have tons of books and puzzles and reading nooks

dress up again

When you first come in you see this table. It has replicas of St. Louis monuments like Busch Stadium and the arch. Under the table are tons of bins of other toys as well. My kids sat here playing with these for hours!

 A bin of interlocking wheels and wooden cars kept them occupied for a very long time.

 This is the back room where they have story time now. There is a stage in the front, and crafting tables all around. They have books and reading nooks, puzzles, and more.

The fishing area

Driving the steamboat and pulling the whistle

They LOVED this kitchen. All those drawers in the back are filled with play food and there are tables where you can sit and be served.

After you explore the History clubhouse there is still the rest of the museum to explore! They do a wonderful storytelling session every Friday at 10:30 which is followed by a free craft.

They also have a wonderful program called "Parent & Me". It's $20 for a 4 week session held each April and October. Click here for more info. We arrived at the museum one time when it was just wrapping up and they let my kids participate even though we hadn't registered. The theme was rainbows, and they gave everyone rainbow sherbet to eat, they got to play in a huge vat of rainbow colored peanuts, they got to make rainbows in a craft, and more. It was so cool, they still talk about it.

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