Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pacific Community Park, Pacific

Location: Bounded by W. Congress St. and Birk Cir, Pacific MO 63069 (707 W. Congress St)


Amenities: Pool, pavilion, soccer fields, baseball fields, 2 playgrounds, and fitness trail.

The city of Pacific has some issues. First of all there is no official address for this park and it's a little difficult to find (707 W Congress is the pool address, which brings you here so I'm using that). Second there is no park section on the cities official website. Some places list it as the Pacific City Park, some places list it as the Pacific Community Park, so I'm not even sure of the correct name! If you go to Pacific's Facebook page you will find people complaining about these things. However if you can get past that, this is a nice park. We live in Eureka so it's fairly close, and we love adding new playgrounds into the rotation.

When you first come in to the park you will see the public pool. This pool isn't huge, but it's open to anyone, and cheap! It's open 12-8 adults are $3, and kids are $2. Near the pool is a merry-go-round, some swings, and a small play structure. As you drive you'll see lots of ball fields and a concession stand, I'm sure this is a busy place when kids are playing ball. Then you'll reach the playground at the back of the park. It is large and features a story walk, which is kind of cool. They change the story several times a year, and you can read it to your kids as you walk all the way around it. There are lots of things to do here, including 2 baby swings, 4 sling swings, balance beam, bridges, drums, puppet stage, rock wall, and spider web climber. There are 2 different play structures, one for older kids, one for younger kids, with lots of things to climb on, slide down, and enjoy.

Playground near the pool


The fitness equipment

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