Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hi-NRG Gymnastix Open Gym, Chesterfield

Location: 17732 Edison Ave, Chesterfield, MO 63005


Hi-NRG offers open gym for $5 cash per child every Friday during the school year from 11-11:45. It's ideally for kids aged 3-6. Younger siblings are welcome and they are free. They won't be able to do much except toddle around but most would probably enjoy that. You have to fill out a waiver but then the kids are free to play. They like everyone to be barefoot on the mats. They have changing tables in the restroom and drinking fountains.

They have a very long trampoline to run and bounce down, and at the end of that is a very bouncy rectangular trampoline. They always have an employee here monitoring things. This is where most of the kids want to be. They limit your time and make sure only one kid bounces at a time. They also require them to stay in the center for their safety. There is a trapeze bar kids can swing on that is monitored also. My daughter loves swinging on this thing! They also have rings, a rope to swing on, uneven parallel bars, vaults, mats, and balls.

This place offers some other  fun events including American Ninja obstacle courses, acrobatics, cheer leading, birthday parties, and camps.

They have 3 locations and are growing! They have a gym in Eureka, and another facility called the Trampoline Academy. Hopefully I'll be able to check them out soon.

 Long trampoline is the full length of that wall.


 They have 4 balance beams of varying height

 Trapeze again

 Rings, uneven parallel bars

 Rope and rings

The very bouncy trampoline with kids waiting their turn to bounce 

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