Tuesday, March 29, 2016

St. George Park, Affton

Location: 9041 Southview Ln, St. Louis MO 63123

Website: http://www.stlouisco.com/ParksandRecreation/ParkPages/StGeorge

Playground Ground Cover: Wood Chips

This playground is kind of strange and hard to get to. I plugged the official address of 9041 Southview Ln into my GPS and set off. I could see the playground equipment behind the houses but never saw a park entrance. All the houses had fenced in backyards and I was confused as to how to get back there. There was another street in the subdivision behind it so I went out on Mackenzie and went there but still never saw any park entrance. I looked again at my map and was totally confused. I asked some people outside if they knew how to get there and they did! They told me to go back where I originally was. I did that and lo and behold I saw the entrance. It's very easy to miss because it looks like someone's driveway.

See how confusing that is? Drive along the right side of the fence and this comes into view.

Also technically this is located in St. George, not Affton, but St. George is a very small municipality next to Affton and more people know where Affton is so I decided to call it Affton. It might even be unincorporated St. Louis County...but I want people to get a general feel for what area it's in so that it can be located!

The park consists of a basketball court, a couple picnic benches, BBQ pit, 2 play structures, a baby swing, a sling swing, and a sand pit. There are no restrooms and no pavilion. There are a couple different slides, various bars, poles, and a bridge. 

 sand pit

Park is circled in red with entrance marked by the red arrow. Such a strange configuration! But I bet it's nice for the people who live in this subdivision.

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