Friday, May 6, 2016

Webster Rec Plex Open Play, Webster Groves

Location: 33 E. Glendale Rd., Webster Groves MO 63119


The Rec Plex/ Community Center in Webster is a great facility. They have a pool, ice rink, tennis courts, playground, and more. During the school year they offer a nice open play. It's best suited for toddlers, I don't know if many preschoolers would enjoy it. I took my 3 year old daughter and she said it was for babies LOL. But the babies seemed to love it!

When you enter the building the person at the front desk will check you in and direct you to the gym. It costs $5 for non members and $3 for members and residents of the district. It's usually on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30- 11:30 but check with them before going because some semesters they change it up (314-963-5300 ext 4).

They have 2 people that run it, one is a retired preschool teacher and one is a young girl getting her teaching degree. They set up different activities for the kids and they can participate or do free play. Or they can run around like crazy people and then hopefully take a good nap :)

 Passing the ball around in a circle.

 Try to get the ball in the goal

 Roll down the mats doing somersaults

 Hop on the colored papers


 Try to throw the ball into the bucket

 Everyone's favorite...the parachute

They also had balls, scooters, and other things to play with. She sang some songs and guided play which was nice. Some kids don't want to be guided and just want to do their own thing and that's ok too. It's a nice indoor option to have to burn some energy.

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