Monday, June 27, 2016

Amberg Park, Dutchtown Neighborhood, St. Louis City

Location: Bounded by Gustine Ave, Keokuk St, & Dunnica Ave, St. Louis MO 63116


Playground Ground Cover: Poured Rubber

The playground is currently closed and it looks like they are repairing the splash pad area and doing concrete work. I have a call in to the parks department to see when it will be reopened but haven't received a response yet.

This playground was neglected and it's nice to see they've made repairs. They added a new sign, new rubber floor under the larger play structure, and the splash pad is being fixed.

There are 2 play structures, one for kids under 5 and one for kids over 5. The smaller structure has 2 slides and some bars. The larger structure has a rock wall, a chain climber, several slides, and lots of bars and poles.There are no swings here.

There is a drinking fountain but no restrooms. However there is a market across the street, maybe they would allow you to use theirs. Also the playground is enclosed with a fence and a gate! This will be a great playground once the sprayground is running and it's back open.

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