Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dave & Buster's, Maryland Heights

Location: 13857 Riverport Dr, Maryland Heights MO 63043


This place is fun! When you walk in there is an information desk where you can decide how much money you want to spend. I spent $14 and got a card loaded with 60 chips on it. Each game is about 3-5 chips and it lasted my 2 kids about 30 mins which was plenty. They felt like they played a bunch of stuff and when we ran out of chips I said it was time to go because our money was gone and they were OK with that. If you win tickets they load those onto the card also and you just insert the card into a reader to see how many tickets you have. It's WAY easier than feeding 500 tickets into a machine that counts them (ahem Chuck E. Cheese). We won 188 tickets which was only enough for a piddly piece of laffy taffy. Most of the prizes were hundreds and hundreds of tickets, but you can keep your card and bring it next time and keep adding to it, which is nice. There is a restaurant right in the Midway where the games are, as well as one that is closer to the entrance. The menu looked amazing but we didn't order anything. They have private banquet rooms and do kid parties also.

They have a huge variety of games and the place wasn't overrun with crazy kids like the mouse place. It was a great way to spend a very hot afternoon.

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